8 January 2020

Making the switch to digital operations in co-operation with Hubble Oy

We started the digital transformation of our operations already in 2018. While far from complete, this project has provided good, tangible results from the start. Piece by piece, our production is turning digital. The project has proceeded to a point where we have implemented a system for handling our production control, delivery management, stock management and various other functions. One of the goals for theproduction digitalisation project is to use the data collected from our processes not only for production control but also for increasing process transparency. An example ofthis would be to display relevant information on production hall info screens. Being able to manage our product information at a very specific level will allow us to do things that will become increasingly relevant in the future, such as calculating the carbon footprint of the products we make. Our digitalisation project will create added value for our customers by improving the quality and scope of our service.

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